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Line 6 Toneport UX1

4.500 МКД

Категорија: Музички инструменти и опрема / Музички инструменти / Гитари/Електрични гитари

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Prodavam Line 6 Toneport UX1

Pro amp, cab, stompbox, and studio effects models from the PODxt and Bass PODxt
High-quality vocal preamp models
GearBox software provides hardware-like interface
18 guitar amp models
24 speaker cab models
5 bass amp and cab models
30 stompbox and studio effects
6 mic preamp models
1 XLR mic input
1 - 1/4" guitar/bass input
Stereo line inputs
Stereo line outputs (2 - 1/4")
Stereo 1/4" monitor input
Headphone out
Over 100dB signal-to-noise and dynamic range
Unique low-latency monitoring regardless of recording software's buffer size
44.1/48KHz 16-/24-bit recording
96kHz mode with built-in sample rate conversion for simultaneous input and output